ICSecurity Members

Members Title Email address Phone number Room number
Luigi V. Mancini Full professor :img:email:lvm.png +39 06 4991 8421 344a
Alessandro Mei Full professor :img:email:mei.png +39 06 4991 8355 311
Giuseppe Ateniese Associate Professor :img:email:mailateniese.png
Roberto Di Pietro Assistant professor :img:email:dipietro.png +39 06 4991 8514 335
Mauro Conti Assistant professor :img:email:conti.png
Angelo Spognardi Post-doc :img:email:spognardi.png
Julinda Stefa Post-doc img:email:stefa.png +39 06 4991 8358 317
Nino Vincenzo Verde Post-doc 345a
Domenico Vitali Ph.D. student +39 06 4991 8305 322
Antonio Villani Ph.D. student
Briland Hitaj Ph.D. student 333

External Collaborators

ICsecurity members are involved in active collaborative research with scientists from other institutions both in Italy and around the globe. Some of them are:

Collaborators Affiliation Email address
Roberto Battistoni Italian Government Institution :img:email:rbattistoni.png
Massimo Bernaschi IAC - CNR :img:email:massimo.png
Maria Calagna Italian Revenue Agency :img:email:calagna.png
Antonio Durante :img:email:durante.png
Roberto D'Addario Enigma Defense img:email:daddario.png
Daniele De Rosa Araneum
Andrea Gabrielli University of Rome :img:email:a.gabrielli.png
Luciana Marconi :img:email:marconi.png +39 06 4991 8305 322
Alessandro Obino Italian Government Institution :img:email:aobino.PNG
Vishwas Patil Institute for Infocomm Research
Virgilio Pigliucci Logitech Inc. :img:email:pigliucci.png
Pier Luigi Rotondo IBM :img:email:pierluigi.rotondo.png
Claudio Soriente University of California Irvine :img:email:csorient.png
Paolo Tassotti Ph.D. student :img:email:tassotti.png
Gene Tsudik University of California Irvine :img:email:gts.png
Andrea Vattani University of California San Diego :img:email:andreavattani.png
Giorgio Zanin Selex Communications :img:email:zanin.png